Vtg 18k Gold Diamond Ruby Malachite Sioux Indian Chief Head Clip Brooch Necklace

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Details & Condition: Sometime you come across pieces of jewelry that are pure works of art, this outstanding Indian head clip / pendant combination is one of them.
This iconic design was made famous by Cartier in 1937 / 38 and is still recognized the world over.

Indian Sioux Chief: This piece measures 1.70 inches long and 1.00 inch wide, It has a carved detailed Malachite face with the natural stripes of the stone blending in to look like war paint. The facial features are amazing, the warrior looks so steely and determined.
We have examined the face closely looking for chips and on the right hand upper cheek is an indentation, it could be a flaw in the stone or a minor ding. Please see photo's for details.
On top of the headdress there is a line of nine diamonds set into white gold - the are 0.01 in size (0.09 TCW)
Three larger diamonds are located on the neckline each one is approx 0.05 points = 0.15 TCW
There are also 4 Ruby stones, -Two smaller located around the ear area (0.01) and two larger on the neckline approx 0.05 each.
On the rear is a large bail / fur clip combination, this is made out of 14k gold, both pieces are in perfect working order.
Despite our best efforts we could not find a signature on this piece - which is a shame as it is so well made - we x-rayed it and it is confirmed 18k gold (apart from the mechanisms which are 14k)

Necklace: Even though this stunning necklace came to us with the Sioux pendant and it is a perfect match, it could have been a later addition, we have no way of knowing, but as they go together so perfectly we have decided to sell them together :)
The necklace measures 24 inches long with a beautiful box design on the gold connectors, the Malachite is in great condition, no cracks or large chips, there may be a flea bite or two but no major damage at all - I think this is due to the fact the pendant only fits in the small area by the clasp and cannot / does not touch or rub against the Malachite for any reason.
There is no designers name on this piece either :( Just 14k marked on a tab.

Gold Weights: Both items together weigh 45.0 Grams. The Sioux Chief weighs 22.8 Grams , The necklace 22.3 grams

As with all pre-owned items there will be some signs of age and use.
As everyone's idea of condition varies we encourage you to enlarge all photo's and ask as many questions as you need before purchase.
We store all our jewelry - May need cleaning on arrival.

Pre-owned and in good usable condition, may need cleaning.

All our items are thoroughly tested for authenticity by a variety of methods, including X-Ray and are guaranteed to be authentic.