Antique Victorian 10k Gold Petite Mini Hand Amethyst Pin Brooch W Enamel

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Details & Condition: Genuine Victorian 10k Gold & Enamel Gloved Hand pin/ brooch .
Miniature in size but beautifully made and scaled down so well that you can see every single detail.
The black enamel on the gloves is in great shape, no missing pieces or chunks :)
The hand is holding a well faceted Amethyst gemstone that also does not have any heavy damage or chips.
On the rear is a curved pin arm that is slightly longer than the brooch itself.
Although there are no marks, we have xray tested this piece and it is guaranteed 10k gold (tested to be plumb)
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Markings: None

Stones: Amethyst approx 5mmx 3mm - oval in shape

Measurements: Approx. 0.70 x 0.27 inches

Weight: 1.6 grams

Pre-owned and in good usable condition, may need cleaning.

All our items are thoroughly tested for authenticity by a variety of methods, including X-Ray and are guaranteed to be authentic.